Meet the Admin: Missi

Admin Missi, commonly known as Noelle Manning/Dreschler in-game, is a level 3 administrator. She joined Los Santos Roleplay somewhere in 2011 but she left it after some time, but re-joined the server again in the Spring of 2013. Just like many other players on here, she also had few failed applications on her first couple of tries in attempt to join the server.

Missi is originally from Texas but now lives in Boston, Massachusetts in United States of America. She is a student, now a senior, at one of the world’s best music schools. She can play 14 different instruments and the amazing part about that is, most of them being ‘self taught!’ but her true love is Tuba. If you want to listen to her talent, hop on TeamSpeak, she plays random instruments in her channel whenever she is in a musical mood. Apart from her love to music, she also likes to watch some series on the television or Netflix, do creative things like knitting, baking, cooking, and cuddling with her cat and watching funny videos. Other than just that, she is also an explorer and likes to explore the beautiful city of Boston.

When asked about her experience on LSRP, she said, “It's a great thing that honestly allows you to do so much creative things. I've never found a game anywhere similar to the level of depth in roleplay that you get on LSRP. I absolutely love the fact that you can create your own characters and build them up from nothing, choosing each and every step of the way. I strive myself on creating detailed, complex characters, and I feel like LSRP has been an excellent way to channel this creativity of mine. I'm a very creative person!”

Missi joined the staff team in April, 2015. Her reaction on getting accepted: “still remember getting that acceptance PM - I was in a coffee shop near my house when I got it and I probably had the stupidest grin on my face!” She applied for the staff team because she loves to help people. She finds it a privilege to work with “some of the most interesting and diverse people on the staff team.” I can’t argue that, as the staff team is a team of friendly members and who are willing to help you become better. Missi wants to say thank you to those people, who make her smile whenever, she sees their names in-game.

Apart from her contribution in the staff team, she has also contributed lot of her time and efforts in the Events Team. She has contributed in many events such as, the Fall Festival (which was scripted and mapped by developer Otter), construction Events, plane crashes, and so on. Her recent event on Halloween, where she led a group of events team members, and scared people in haunted houses was one of my favourite events on Los Santos Roleplay. We can establish the fact that she is a very creative person not only in character development but also in organizing events. So fellas, if you need some tips on interior designing of your in-game houses, you know whom to approach. She likes to make people happy and enjoy the server even more than they already do with unique roleplaying opportunities.

In the end, I would like to say thank you to Admin Missi, for her time, efforts and devotion towards Los Santos Roleplay and contributing in the success of this server. If you want to know more about Admin Missi, she has a topic in About the Staff.

Written by killerking Edited by Chrisrawr