If you've been keeping up with LS:RP you'd notice a lot of things have been happening around here. We've recently inducted a few admins into the team from the tester team- Tendollars, Marcel, Oggy, Ryoma,and last but not least Decker. Each and everyone of these guys have put in a lot of hard and earned effort into LS:RP and with that it's going to be sad with them leaving the tester team.

Up next, Lenny recently moved from 3rd party developer to a full blown developer now. It's not a noticeable change on the outside but for the ones involved it is a major step up. His work and effort has really improved so this promotion was definitely needed.

Now on to the new testers. We've lost quite a few testers over the months, whether it be from a removal or a promotion towards admin we're down to literally 15 testers. And with the workload increasing daily ( 200 applications daily and new responsibilities ) we're in need for a whoole lot more. Congratulations to all the reserved, you'll be tester eventually. Just keep your IRC, forum, and ingame activity up!

I also got a few ex-testers ready to return to their position, which made me quite happy to see them still interested.

So now instead of just talking all day just click the link here to see if you made it.

Now on to the big plans. It is no secret that there is a lot needed to be done around here script wise on LS:RP. And I'd like to apologize personally for slacking a bit when it came to it. So in response to the many and various suggestions, faction leader section requests, etc etc etc : I am dedicating an entire week towards development.

The developers, mappers, 3rd party devs, and I will be working to fufill as much as possible the entire week. Plan to see something different, new, and or altered in LS:RP everyday.

The week will be titled Development Week: Jan 17th-23rd. I suggest you use this time before this week to finalize out all your suggestions and such, because the random ones with no effort will most likely be over-looked.