Hey everyone,

We recently put out specific feedback requests to all current business owners on the server, went through the business-related 2016 Survey responses and generated a General Discussions thread around business role-play etiquette. The focus here is extending our support to help the business scene flourish on the server and to make updates to both the script and non-script sides of the business system so we can make overall improvements. This is Part I of the business update.


The server will be updated tonight to bring in several changes, which are as follows:



Furnishing your businesses — you are now able to access /furniture inside a business to fully customise the interior of your business and /grantbuild others as the owner of the business. The furniture premium limits work the same way as houses: 150 furniture slots for Bronze, 250 furniture slots for Silver and 400 furniture slots for Gold.

Bareswitch inside of businesses — you can /bareswitch in the majority of the current business interiors.

Warehouse interior availability — you can also request the blank warehouse interior (for a fee) if you want to create a completely new interior from scratch. The same way it works with houses at the moment.

Furniture in garages, bizupgrade rooms, etc — you can also /furniture inside of garages attached to businesses, bizupgrade rooms and so on to maximise your ability to customise your business interiors.



Business forum section (for business/companies) — this board serves as a showcase to display activity around your business or company that does not necessarily tie to a faction. You can also use the board for businesses that belong to a faction already, but their story and activity are strong enough to represent themselves on their own. The section can be used to show-case business role-play as well as serve as an area to advertise openings, events and list any vital information tying to your business such as drink/food menus, building details or other information that an individual might want to know when visiting your business. You will be able to check it out here if you are interested.

Exterior business mapping requests — if you are an active and established scripted business then you may request outside mapping, signs, garages, barriers, labels and so on for the exterior of your business.

Custom enter/exit points — if you are an active and established scripted business then you will also be able to request custom enter/exit points to be added to your business, for example: internal elevators, back doors (to enter/exit the actual property another way than the main entrance), internal access to your garage, rooftop access and so on.

Small script requests — if you are an active and established scripted business then you may also request small changes to the script to complement your business if you have any suggestions to make as a business owner.

The section to request any of these changes will be available here.



Businesses, and realistic role-play etiquette — in the following thread we have been encouraging community discussion around potential rule changes that affect businesses as well as issues with role-play etiquette and businesses.

Additional script changes — more changes are being reviewed by the development team as we go and the feedback is still being reviewed. This is the first roll-out of updates that affect the business system and business role-play.


We hope you enjoy the new features and are looking forward to the upcoming changes,

LS:RP Management & Development