As part of our "Meet The" series, where we feature numerous factions on Los Santos Roleplay, I had the opportunity to speak to Missi in regards of the development, and influence of the Los Santos University. In this article, we aim to teach people a little bit about the faction in hopes of having people join, as well as give new players an opportunity to see what our community has to offer.

When creating a faction, there's always a moment where you need to realize what makes a faction successful, and how to build a foundation for it. For the Los Santos University, it already had a foundation - the Los Santos High School, established by Pitchounette and managed by several principals several years ago. Roleplayers genuinely missed the opportunities offered by the high school, and the educational environment provided by it. I managed to speak to Missi about what inspired her to create this faction.

What inspired you (and the other people invovled) to create this faction?

Many people missed LS high but also thought that the trolling thing ruined the atmosphere. Many people also were wanting a university. Obzen came to me and asked if I wanted to make this thing a thing, and I said sure. It was crazy, and I had no idea how to really just start a legal faction on my own, but I went through with it, and here we are today. I set out to find some really dedicated people that would be able to help me in making the faction.

How many hours would you say you've put in to this faction so far?

Definitely over 1000 hours [to create the whole faction]. Sketching the floor plans, actually designing, making formats, talking with people, I have spent a lot of time.

Earlier in the development of the university's interior, I had the opportunity to take a quick peek of the furnishing inside. A lot of blood and sweat has been put in to the structures, which features several lecture rooms, and a massive lobby. The lobby itself serves as the hub of the university, which branches off to several doors which include checkpoints to enter the lecture rooms. Several notable individuals contributed massively to the project, which Missi mentions below.

Who were the major contributors to starting up the faction?

Originally, it was Scarlett Newman and I. Scarlett Newman left LSRP sometime in December / Early January. I met TheNamesJack and he had always seemed incredibly interested, and I let him on board, as he has been a tremendous help. Asher Rossdale has helped with the interiors. Mecovy has helped a little bit as well. Jack Ponaro and Lorelei have been a great help as well, coordinating what the sororities and fraternities want.

Currently, there are two major factions associated with the University which you may have seen on the forums; these greeks are known as the The Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦΒ) Sorority and the The Pi Kappa Alpha (ΠΚΑ) Fraternity, both of which helped found the foundation of greek life for the university.

The faction aims to give players the ability to roleplay a character that's receiving a higher education through means of applying on their forums. The university also provides dorm services which are still under construction, meaning your character could live at the university! All requirements are listed in the link provided, plus their rules. We encourage everyone to apply, and being invited in to the faction isn't mandatory.

Written By: ChrisRawr
Edited By: Sarcasmohjoy