Faction Management is an important background role in the community, that not many players know a lot about. Faction Management has branches of regular Faction Management, Government Management, and Faction Management Public. The first two categories are staff only, while Faction Management Public is both regular players and staff. All of these are run by Pitchounette.

One of the main functions that Faction Management handles is faction reports on illegal factions. Those are submitted using the form found here, which is sent to the Head of Factions. The reports are forwarded into the team to review all the submitted evidence and decide on the best course of action. Both parties are then notified by Faction Management leadership as to the outcome of the reports. There are possibilities of strikes in additions to admin jails for those breaking rules. If a faction receives three strikes, they are forcibly shut down by Faction Management. The team also handles any Faction Complexes requests and Turf requests.

Factions who wish to pursue the road towards official status also go through Faction Management. The process starts with an application, found here. Candidates are reviewed by the team and watched for updates, screenshots, and any reports/issues. A specific member of Faction Management is assigned to each of those factions who apply. These members act as a direct liaison between the faction leadership and Faction Management. Each month, leaders coordinate with their representative to provide updates on the faction's well-being, as well as covering any issues that may have come up.

Pitchounette has been in the Faction Managment since 2012 as a regular "helper" and was the 2nd Head of Factions after Aline in Spring of 2013 all the way through her resignation in early Summer of 2014. She was under Aline's mentorship for a good while prior to her leaving. She returned in early 2016 and was placed as HOF again a few months after that.

The staff for Faction Management are chosen based on their experience in faction they were a part of, their pro-activity, and contribution on faction-specific matters, including but not limited to general discussion, suggestions, staff discussions, fm public, or any topic that display their faction related knowledge.

Government Management handles legal faction issues. Any reports going beyond leadership level, or on leadership, is handled by Government Management. This group also handles the Mayoral Elections, the Senate, and they work on the penal code and law updates for the server. This team is only compiled of a few members, as there's less legal factions than illegal.

Faction Management Public serves as the direct line of communication between members of the community and the faction management team. The section allows for us to parse and query the community directly to determine the most pressing issues faced by the community at any given time. Those with access to the section are hand picked, and the section is kept diverse in order to ensure a balance of communication between different roleplayers with different sets of experience, which entails a broad range of opinions and viewpoints. Very frequently, issues brought up within the faction management public section are forwarded and discussed by the faction management team, wherein actionable solutions are soon thereafter produced. Similarly, the opinions and ideas expressed within the section hold genuine value to faction management, and many solutions to existing problems have been produced or talked out through direct communication between FM and FMP.

If you're interested in joining Faction Management Public, a request can be sent to Apophis. There is no application, however it is important to keep in mind the following questions when writing your request:

- What is your experience?
- Why is your experience relevant to faction management?
- What makes you an applicable candidate for participation in discussion?
- What perspective are you providing to FMP?

Good luck!

Written by: Sarcasmohjoy
Edited by: ChrisRawr