Finally we have the four winners from this amazing contest, after seven days of waiting for the right answers, we already have the members!

The winners will be rewarded with a wonderful pre-order pack which contains two unreleased games and full access to the Alpha versions and editors of both games, an amazing combo-pack!
The unreleased games are Overgrowth by Wolfire Games and Natural Selection 2 by Unknown Worlds.

Overgrowth is an unreleased game with no confirmed date, it's for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, the announced date by Wolfire Games was 17th of September, 2008.

Natural Selection 2 was announced officialy in October 2006, the platforms for this game are: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox360.
It's another unreleased game just like Overgrowth, the genre of this game is: First-person shooter and Real-time strategy.

The question of this amazing contest was:
In Lugaru and Overgrowth, you play a rabbit going on a killing spree.
Speaking of bloodthirsty rabbits; What game is this?

The right answer of this contest is:
Jazz Jackrabbit.

59 people answered the question correct, it has been pretty crowded and I have to congratulate the people who answered this correct answer, now, we're going to say the winners of this contest:

Savokage, Sickness, LuckyStrike and Flopster

Congratulations to the winners, you will be rewarded with this pre-order pack with amazing features, congratulations!
The winners will receive an e-mail tonight, with this amazing reward.