Hello, thank you for once again dropping by ls-rp.com! I must say the mappers and I have really put a ton of effort into the week. From extravagant interiors, to bug fixing, to features and adjustments. The week was not only fun for me but it was a learning experience for me also.

I've learned throughout the week that even with things slowly falling in order for me with the bug tracker and the suggestions that there is still more work to do around here and a week just wasn't enough to do EVERYTHING I had planned. I still did a lot but yes, not everything.

Thankyou for baring with me throughout the week, I really needed it. Now needless to say I can start listing off results of what has been done so far and what is still coming for LS:RP!

-Performance Updates.
-Tweaks toward the system(Upgrading / Adjusting)
-Custom Pickup support for the businesses.
-Custom Interior support for the businesses. (Freeze for 3 seconds on entrance)
-/vipdoor is now fixed for the special club interiors.
-Array adjusted to fit more businesses.

-Pay N Spray Bugs Addressed (Engine Bug / Pay N Spray Full)
-Random guns spawning with cars should now be gone.

-Evict all is fixed.
-Tenants reporting is fixed.
-Commands for houses have been made user friendly.
-/myhouse and /househelp have been adjusted.
-You will not be charged for your alarms anymore. When the house robbery system is back it will charge you again.

-Marijuana seeds now available at drug shops for $50 a seed.
-Marijuana growing system. It will take 6 paydays for the plant to be fully grown and potent. /plant to plant, /check to check the plants growth so far, and /takeplant to collect from it. These commands are for drug smugglers in an official gang or mafia only.
Yes they work inside of interiors as well.
-Weed will not add on to your addiction anymore.

-Interior and Virtual World has been fixed and now fully supported for custom objects.
-Various interiors created by Pete and ScreaminRayDaniels. From houses to mini interiors made with the pure intention of roleplaying.
-Docks (Nexus / Pete).
-Church interior (Nexus).

Of course with all of that there's been a ton of bug fixes. Got them down by four pages over the week. LS:RP just keeps getting tighter and secured as the time goes on.

To Come:
- LSP will start using the hours system again rather than the day system. Will increase activity in prison and less confusion and problems inside for the people there. It was never my intention to have people punished OOCly, the day system was imposed hopefully to get more people. But as we can see things don't work out that way ;P.

- A new prison interior is being made for the prison.

- House Robbery system of course along with a bank robbery system and a new interior along with it. These things take a lot of planning first. Don't want to just rush into it.

- 3rd party devs are still working on their side projects which will become public knowledge soon.

- New animations and fighting styles. I got to go through a list of 60+ or so animations and assign them names so you're going to have to bare with me once more.

- Mod shops, working out a system with Soap at the moment. Will be quite cool!

Damian wrote:- A ton more legal jobs, don't think I forgot about you civilians. Recommend some jobs to me to help speed up the progress. I can't think them all up alone.

- Faction Leader management center GUI, in the planning stage. Will give a faction leader all the control they've been needing for quite a long time over their own faction.