Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last news article but there have been quite some changes since then. We've been receiving loads of application from people who want to play on the server and with the growing fame of LS-RP I am sure this interest will grow out to be huge! Also, the max player In Game record has jumped from 404 to 414! That's quite an achievement and we hope to slowly but surely reach 500 players on the server.

Also new is the faction color nametags for people that are in gang or mafia factions. Such as the Akuji-Kai faction now has a dark yellow nametag color for their members, where Seville have dark green nametags. We used to have this nametag system back in 2007 but it was removed after a while. The lead admins have decided to give it some more thought. Though the new nametags are In Game right now, it's still not sure if they'll stay after it's discussed.

Lastly, the mayor elections will be held 5 March. The first batch of mayor applicants will be picked and voted for. After that there will be 3 applicants left. Those three will then campaign to the fullest in an attempt to finally claim the throne of Mayor of Los Santos. Soon after that there will be another election which will result in appointing the applicant that becomes the mayor! Questions go here.


After a successful poll it has been decided that all IC name colors except the EMS / PD / SD will be removed. That means that only the PD, EMS, SD, testerduty or adminduty color will be shown on the playerlist.

Thank you for reading and check back for more later on!