Los Santos Crime Family began their journey in December of 2017, following the closure of their infamous parent-faction; Bellantonio in October of the same year, following a monumental 900+ pages. The faction went through several re-brands in the beginning. The thread was originally named the Bellantonio Loyalists, The Vic Fara Crew, Fara Organised Crime Group, all before eventually settling on the well-known Los Santos Crime Family. When the faction began, it was led by Adkins/Victor Fara. The faction leadership was eventually taken-over by Anthony_Navarra, Francis_Sacora and Henry Pasquetti on July 12, 2018. The LSCF is comprised of several cliques operating under the one umbrella, such as South Vinewood Crew and The Chi-Town Crew. Los Santos Crime Family portrays a modern day LCN (La Cosa Nostra), standing currently at over 280 pages, it is undoubted that LSCF has gained a strong foothold in Los Santos.

The News Team spoke with faction leader Anthony Navarra about his faction's success. The interview touched on many interesting key points, such as how the faction handles having so many different cliques within it, coup-proofing, and the level of realism the faction provides to it's members.

Los Santos Crime Family is one of LS:RP's longest running factions, especially if Bellantonio is also considered; what do you think the secret is to maintaining a healthy faction for such a period of time?

How we keep longevity is simple; it's encouragement, organization and continuity. We run our faction-design parallel to the real-life crime families of today, which enables your character to ultimately choose its own destiny, and if driven correctly, can bank on the benefits. Deception and betrayal will always be a cornerstone of any mob family and we do our very best to include the nitty-gritty details.

One last thing would be acceptance. Most of our members are accepting of the fact that their characters can be ridiculed, attacked or even put to the debilitating test of death - which we will then see the same players create new characters to then join again. This is an ultimate perk to what we feel makes a great roleplayer.

Not only is your faction one of the longest running but it isn't just one singular group - it's compromised of many smaller cliques. How does your faction manage to stay organised and what's it like leading a diverse faction with so many members?

This crime family is well-versed in concepts of family, power, respect and territory which are fundamentals to understanding the dynamics of our faction. These key principals, along with the knowledge of how the American Mafia works, are imperative to the success of running a faction in this way. Diversity of personalities and egos are controlled by what we would call a pecking order and this gives us the ability to seed out the bad eggs from the good, inevitably enabling our success with a faction that's compromised with smaller crews. We've had times where the multiple crews won't even interact with one-another and we've had times where they'll be out to kill one another. Order and respect is two important monoliths, we all drink from the same reservoir and usually have a mutual respect for one another, but that always boils down to what happens in game. Anything is possible.

We know you weren't the official leader when LSCF had begun, how did Anthony Navarra's reign at the top come to be?

We're enthusiasts of the mob. The rise and falls of mobsters has become an everyday occurrence to us and the greatest thing about this faction is that it's that reality that seeps into every facet of this organization. That being said, the rise of Anthony Navarra is no different to that one of the cornerstones I've mentioned above. Deception and betrayal. The first and bona fide leader of the second exposure of the family, Victor Fara, was pushed out by his trusted aids and confrères, Francis Sacora and Robert Locatelli, with the help of Navarra. Navarra was promised the position of Underboss (second-in-command) to Francis Sacroa, who inevitably become today's Official Boss.

Sacora was hit with cancer and was unable to pro-actively continue his duties as boss, enlisting Navarra as Acting Boss until further notice. There's some uncurbed details to how this all went about, but we'll leave those details for those who want to find out in game.

Changes in leadership can often make or break a faction. How was the faction impacted by your take over? Was anyone aware before hand that you'd be taking over?

We didn't work hard for it. We worked smart for it. That's where I think other factions may have fell between the cracks. To execute a successful coup d'état, you have to have the respect of the troops before doing anything like this - it wasn't impulsive. Back to what we spoke about earlier, concepts of family, power and respect were paramount to a successful takeover. What the previous administration lacked was something referred to as "coup-proofing", where it would nail down a design that would stop any outside body from seizing power. So, with all that boiled down, after building a few "pine condos" for those who didn't tag along with the status quo, we've remained unscathed and unbroken. And in fact, we've benefited from such ordeal.

In your opinion who has been the most memorable character to ever pass through Los Santos Crime Family, and why?

While we’ve had lashings of extraordinary characters that honoured the faction, this particular mantle would have to go to that of Louis Persico. This character played a consequential role in creating the foundation and one of the key architects of what the family represents today. By nature, Persico was ruthless, cunning and possessed an unrivalled fountain of knowledge. Someone you’d call an artful dodger in terms of how sharp this character was. Persico was a cat with ten lives as opposed to nine and renown for surviving moments where LSCF gangsters were dropping like flies. Persico was a leader, an influence, and a concurrent bright spark that we were blessed to have cemented in history.

What do you think was the most notable moment/event that occured within your faction? Who/what do you believe has shaped/influenced your factions roleplay the most?

It would have to be the formation of the family. We primarily started as an offshoot of Bellantonio, the remnants of the former organization. That in turn allowed us to resuscitate and re-vitalize, ultimately nurturing what we had, to then take the steps to further crank up the anti. The event that was crucial and determined the path in where this faction was going would have to be the merge.

To shed more light on this, the crews we’ve already spoken about are essentially the life force of this faction and originally, they were just that – single crews and independent entities. We went from one crew, which was the Bellantonio derivative of its former self, to two crews, and then finally three crews. We merged with the likes of the Princeton-based LCN and then Francis Sacora’s Chi-Town Crew. The family’s direction is now fully governed by the leaders of these three organisations. You can see why this was a truly critical moment in the faction’s timeline.

As faction leader, what was your greatest difficulty? Have you ever doubted your leadership skills/dedication? If so, how did you overcome that?

A lot of people didn't like the actions and choices I made, that's fine. It's the nature of the beast and unfortunately you do have to take the rough with the smooth. It's imperative you keep an open-book with your co-roleplayers, hear their concerns, needs and musts, inevitably making an executive decision based on the back of it all. This sort of stuff comes with great responsibility and a stupendous amount of dedication - which I do invest. I've been a pivotal and decisive member in this faction for a long time and the work I've done should correspond with that.

With all that in mind, it really boils down to experience and learning a lot by actually doing the job. If you're a leader who isn't doing well and out to rub your followers up the wrong way, you'll probably get whacked out. I haven't been killed or repudiated yet, so I must be doing OK.

LSCF has showcased it's creativity on numerous occasions and is often praised for the small events the faction has dabbled in; what does the future hold for LSCF? Are there any creative events coming up? Do you have plans for the future you can share with us?

The nature of our faction is pretty impulsive with events and roleplay, that's probably why some people might enjoy when we experiment. We always do a little R&D prior to the bigger stuff, but who doesn't? We have a good group of creative guys who enjoy playing it by ear and we welcome and applaud that sort of spontaneous creativity.
Keep an eye on our faction thread. It wouldn't have a creative reputation if we told you before doing it - we like to surprise and shock. We're out to stay original and to keep the content coming. Stay tuned.

Written by: Plannit