Los Santos' Richest

It’s been a good six months since I posted the last edition of Los Santos’ Richest, and I’m sure most of you are anxious to find out where you now stand in relation to the last list, or whether you’ve actually made it into this one. I just thought I’d point out that these are in terms of forum names and not in-game names, for the sake of the players' privacy. Finally, the list I’ve collated excludes three banned players who won’t be named. If you haven’t made it this time, you could be there next time around, so enjoy, and keep an eye out for next edition of Los Santos’ Richest.

Aline - $4,155,800,000+
Zharov - $1,012,900,000+
insomnia - $494,100,000+
Levine - $401,700,000+
Santino_Valenti – $396,800,000+
Junior – $376,200,000+
Adio - $328,300,000+
Jaxson - $233,600,000+
G-Soldier - $214,500,000+
Schleich - $196,400,000+
Deniz - $165,600,000+
Rayes - $139,000,000+
OneDrop – $123,000,000+
Gzzm - $120,000,000+
Xtiana - $112,600,000+

Over the next few sections of this news-post, you’ll be seeing a few interesting stats about LS:RP right from the start until now, and as it is currently. First off, I thought I’d share with you the top 5 players with the most deaths and the most kills:

Top 5 players with the most kills:

Rafu_Nakatomi – 701 kills
Carnell_Wilson – 570 kills
Christopher_Blake – 529 kills
Aaron_Safey – 507 kills
krisk – 492 kills

Top 5 players with the most deaths:

Cassandra_Staisy – 270 deaths
Enrique_Fortuna – 266 deaths
Darrell_Jackson – 260 deaths
Felipe_Alvarez – 237 deaths
Ramon_Torres – 225 deaths

Note: there has been 107,118 deaths in total from the beginning of LS:RP until now.

The next topic I’ll share with you involves how many people of the server’s population have a certain job. I’ve taken the raw data as it was and converted the collated list into numerical order in order to analyse the data easier:

Employment Count in Los Santos:

Mechanics: 11,186
Detectives: 2,019
Car Jackers: 1,434
Weapon Dealers: 1,081
Drug Dealers: 671
Gas job: 567
Taxi Driver: 480
Boxer: 348
Garbage Men: 308
Lawyer: 130
Drug Smugglers: 64
Weapon Suppliers: 57
IceCream Men: 51
Impounders: 43
Hot Dog Men: 32
Prison Guards: 26
Bookseller: 18
Hitmen Middle-Men: 2

Finally, here are just some less-meaningful server statistics which you may as well take a look at:

There has been 126,166 kicks so far.
There has been 16,524 bans so far.
There has been 39,292 ajails so far.
There are 23,234 private vehicles.
There are 1,321 houses created.
435 hits have been completed on people so far.
34,889 vehicles have been destroyed/scraped.
Thorsten_Raeth owns the oldest vehicle.

The administration/tester team hope you're enjoying the new revision which was implemented last week, thanks to hard work by Damian and the various admins/testers who contributed to testing. I'd like to remind you that if however you're still noticing bugs or any other issues, please report them on the UCP bug tracker.

The next revision from Damian is going to be based solely on revamping the job and career system and more information regarding it will be released later on, so sit tight. That's it from me now, and look out for the latest news regarding LS:RP right here. Peace!