Recently our very own Nato and Giacomand have joined the 3rd party developer group. Both have lengthy experiences in the scripting field so you can expect to see something nice out of those two as time go on. They have a lot to learn and fully eager as much as everyone else to keep LS:RP updated.

Along with those two, we also have a new group of mappers brought in. Although the object limit is forever changing we will continue to add on to Los Santos anyway we can. Also we have about 6 new news mods being setup,

Last but not least the new testers. The tester drive officially closed today and everyone reserved has been sitting with their congratulations message for a couple of weeks now. Thanks to everyone that signed up and if you didn't make it to tester/reserved this time around just keep at it, you'll make it eventually.

Or-L - chrishan - ABT
Hamza - Pacooo - Collins
TomsonTom - Panda

Congratulations fellas, you will be getting further messages in your inboxes with instructions on how to get fully set up. We still have two open spots so keep your eyes on this post for an update.

And if you're a reserved and you want that spot, just message me on IRC about why you deserve the spot.
And last but not least, it's October! Meaning Halloween is near! So keep your eyes pealed for whatever ;)