BlueG has been working diligently for months now and if you've been keeping up with the percentage of completion you would notice that the UCP is near release stage! Firstly we must not forget the current UCP; krisk worked long and hard on it. It is a system that went through many different features, skins, and possibilities. It has brought us much joy and pleasure, and not only will we miss it but we must thank krisk for all the hard work in laying down the standards to how a control panel should be done.

Moving back towards the new UCP- a lot of suggestions, thoughts, and criticism towards the current control panel has been either considered or imported over. Along with that, many of the current features of the UCP has not only been moved over but improved through BlueG. Notice I said "many", not all. But do not fret if it isn't in the UCP this time around it could possibly be back later on.

Of of those things being missing is the Bug Tracker. It will not be in this revision of the new UCP, maybe later on in time but not this time around. In the mean time a forum section will be setup for people to report bugs on. It will be monitored around the clock by the tester team and things should continue to progress normally in fixing bugs and or issues around the script and or UCP.

One of the newer features you've probably already heard about that will be in the UCP is the new user/character system. Users will be able to have a global account. Under the global account they can create characters, import characters(If they know the password), etc etc. I believe that is the most highly anticipated feature as it was requested the most. It means no more creating new emails just to have another account and the system is completely user friendly.

You just click either import or create a character and you will be prompted with questions and it's done. Easy peasy.

The UCP is amazing and much much more. A completely optimized and stylish system at your finger tips. And to top it off the wait is almost over. The bar is at 98% and BlueG is ready to have a public test pretty soon. So keep your eyes on for more information on the cp and the information needed.