I see a few questions which is being asked over and over, and decided to make a quick Q&A:

Q: Why is LS:RP down?
A: Our servers are being DDoS attacked. We have been receiving attacks for over 5gbps, and 2 different hosts have null routed us. This means that we need to find a way to successfully block the attacks, without paying for the $6-10,000 a month plans. Our best hope is that whoever's been attacking us will stop the attack...

Q: When will LS:RP come back online? What about the temporary server?
A: I can't really make any promises here. If the temporary VPS comes back, I will try to set up a more effective firewall on it, and try one last time. It is still unknown when the VPS becomes available again. Worst case scenario is that LS:RP will be offline until Tuesday or Wednesday, where we try again with a new data center with a new firewall.

Q: Who's attacking you, and why?
A: We have absolutely no idea.

Q: I have paid for a premium membership. What will happen now?
A: When we get back up, we will refund you with the days you've lost of premium membership, either with extra time, or part or all of the money back depending on how much time you had left.

Q: When will FoCo Gaming support come back?
A: Early next week. You will be able to use the FoCo Gaming support to get refunded with money or extra time on your premium membership.

Q: Will there be a rollback?
A: You might have lost a couple of hours from your paycheck because the server went down, but not anything major.

Q: Will I get a compensation for the downtime?
A: Regular players won't get anything from the downtime. However, as stated before, people who recently have paid for a premium membership will get extra time or their money back.

Q: Can't you just use DDoS protection?
A: I wish it was this easy. We are looking in to solutions, but a community such as LS:RP wouldn't be able to pay $6000+ a month for a proper anti DDoS solution.

Post your questions in the comment field, and I will try to answer them throughout the day.