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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
Hey Hey FoCo TDM - server.focotdm.com:7777
Try the official FoCo Team-Deathmatch server! Click the link above.
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The individuals that create the foundations of the community, and utilize the grounds of the server in order to create unique maps are seeking for new members to join their team. By working with others, the team is able to create a playground for various roleplayers, as well as contribute to a growing community. This team works with the Events Team, providing the community with unique displays. The Halloween Carnival, Earthquake disaster, and the custo ... [Read more]
Hello. I'm sure many of you noticed the unavailability of our forums in the last couple of days. To clear things up, we're facing minor difficulties with our forum server and although all data, including your posts are safe, server maintenance needs to be done to ensure our systems are up to date and that similar issues won't happen in the near future.

UPDATE @ MARCH 7th 2016: Maintenance is now over, both main and lsgov forums should be up.
UPDATE @ MARCH 5th 2015: Maintenance on the main forum is now over and it should be stable now.

It's impossible for us to tell when ... [Read more]

The top eateries in East Los Santos, Meatheads Deli and Brickhouse, have more in common than some loyal patrons. They are a prominent way for The Bellomo Crime Network to interact with the Community. The faction is based on a criminal network, which offers the ability to role play different types of organized crime (extortion, robbery, bootlegging, hits, arms trafficking, so and fou ... [Read more]

It's that magical time again ladies and gentlemen- if you ignore the fact LS-RP is a couple of weeks late! Yes the magical moment where we participate in the ever-exciting SA-MP updates. It is that time of year again where we see the multiplayer somehow continue to progress and exceed expectations and the many many demands and requests we see throughout the years.

In order for these update projects to be a complete success we all have to do our part. Meaning all we simply have to do is...play! Play and report back your feedback on what you think, what you notice, any type of content t ... [Read more]

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