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With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Hello everyone! I can not believe that we're almost into the summer time again, it seems like time just flies by on LS:RP everytime I make these posts. Anyways, I received probably 250~ tester applications, and we have not even went through and reviewed them all fully yet. For the most part we have, but there's still quiet a few left - so if you applied for tester, there's still a chance that you might make it to Reserved Tester within the next few weeks. Other than that, there's not much else for me to say! We're adding a really good amount of people into the staff team, I'm really excited fo ... [Read more]


Crooked, evil-smelling, meth-smoking and greasy bikers with a slick devil's head sewed on the back of their vests. Their motivation is rather the money than their enthusiasm for bikes. On the face of it they seem like people dealing with problems of the everyday life, but in reality they are up to mischief all around the outlaw state, San Andreas. They started off as a small-time motorcycle theft ring based in Las Colinas led by doer Jerry Anus ... [Read more]


Most players, at some point, on some character, have been taken to prison. This brings them into direct interaction with the members of the San Andreas Department of Corrections (SADOC). The faction itself came early 2011, but was a 'job' in the system before a faction. Players could get the job from those who had the command (/makeguard) and they were managed by the LSPD's Prison Liason Un ... [Read more]


The individuals that create the foundations of the community, and utilize the grounds of the server in order to create unique maps are seeking for new members to join their team. By working with others, the team is able to create a playground for various roleplayers, as well as contribute to a growing community. This team works with the Events Team, providing the community with unique displays. The Halloween Carnival, Earthquake disaster, and the custo ... [Read more]

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