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First and foremost, Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope you had a good year behind and ready to start fresh on this year 2014. I hope you enjoy your New Year celebration and have or had a wonderful day. This day is special to me too because it's the first time I've ever posted a newspost, ever! So without further ado, here I am presenting you with the information on what's happening in relation to our dearly beloved admin team.

As of today, along with my position of the Head of Factions, I will assume the role of Head of Admins following Collins resignation as the Head ... [Read more]

68 | 290 | 104 | 195

Jim Weinerberg | Allison Hall | Bill Bloomberg | Jonathan Schrader

With a record breaking amount of votes, Allison Hall! Congratulations Los Santos, you've really shown up and shown out this time around. We clocked over 657 votes this time around! Not just that; ... [Read more]
* Your character is able to purchase the magazine in every twenty-four seven and news-stand.




I</ul> ... <a href=[Read more]
Santa's sleigh is split in two, and his 20 reindeer have run amuck around Los Santos. Santa doesn't have much time left and he needs those reindeer delivered back ASAP! So if you see one of those pesky reindeer around Los Santos just run up to one and type /claim. Santa will kindly reward you with a game from his Steam/Origin.

They are all in Los Santos and surrounding counties!

Games up for grabs:
[STEAM]Serious Sam 3
[STEAM]Counter Strike Global Offensive
[STEAM]Dead Space
[STEAM]Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
[ORIGIN]Medal of Honor
[STEAM]PAYDAY th ... [Read more]

Location: Santa Maria Beach Highway

Date & Time: December 24th, 2013 — 8:00pm (( server time ))


Happy Holidays Los Santos, join us at 7:30pm at Pershing Square with your Santa Hat f ... [Read more]
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you wonderful boys and girls! First and foremost I got to apologize for the lack of Halloween events this year. With the new revision and the maintenance towards it the event was pushed back so much it was just not possible for it to happen. Maybe we'll hold a Valentine's carnival instead, who knows, we'll see!

For now, it's December, home of the winter holidays and the new years resolution planning. And with us already missing one event and approaching Christmas we just had to do something that will make up for the lack of a Halloween event a ... [Read more]

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