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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
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Revision 666 and no- no pun intended! I'm sure you've all been wondering what's been going on with the sever lately, with the rehashes, the restarts, the revision number changing randomly throughout the week, ETC! There's a reason behind all the madness and I thank you all for remaining sane and rational throughout it.

Over the past few weeks, I've began work on the database loading and saving area of the LS:RP script. It plays a gigantic part in keeping LS:RP in motion and when optimizing it's always best to tackle the huge things first and then dig out the small issues- my philosoph ... [Read more]

Music Used: "It's Good" Lil Wayne (feat. Drake & Jadakiss) Carter IV.
Created by: Placid94
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After weeks of work, effort, and criticism our very own staff member Placid94 has finished the official trailer for LS-RP; and if I(Damian) may say so for myself I feel the trailer captures LS-RP perfectly. For what it's kno ... [Read more]


An investigation into the bank robbery that occurred earlier this week was officially closed with the arrest of the final suspect.

The brazen daytime bank robbery apparently involved the use of aviation vehicles and heavy weaponry, but police remained tight-lipped over the exact circumstances. What is ... [Read more]

It has always been very difficult to achieve official status with your faction in Los Santos Roleplay. It's a priviledge that only handpicked factions with high standards will be awarded with it. Los Santos Roleplay Faction Management has announced a new official faction, which is The Khans Motorcycle Club. The faction was created in the beginning months of 2011 and now they have created a notorious reputation throughout Los Santos. We can expect serious riv ... [Read more]
In an attempt to track the crime in Los Santos and determine averages, the Los Santos Police Department Street Crimes Unit, a sub-division of the Criminal Intelligence Division, has been keeping logs of the items seized from prisoners at the time of their arrest.

The numbers and items seized was startling to many. Almost immediately, one can see what the "hot items" in Los Santos are.

The Street Crimes Unit is still actively keeping logs of the items seized and is also starting to expand the logging of seized goods throughout the entire department.

With the exceptio ... [Read more]
We here at LS:RP continue to advance every year, every month, every week, and every other day. As LS:RP continues to grow everyday so does the workload. Yes, development being one of them. It's a requirement, a duty, and a promise that for however long LS:RP continues to stand so will the development for it. To ensure the promise is seen through we are branching out for support to anyone(experienced) interested.

This is quite different from the tester application, once and if accepted you will immediately be placed within the 3rd party dev group, with access to tester features. Expect ... [Read more]

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