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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Hello everyone,

As you could have read from the previous newspost; we have gone over to a whole new server setup. The IP has therefore changed. The new server IP is:

We hope you enjoy the new server setup and if there's any problems feel free to use IRC or the ticket system to report it. The forums can be used too ofcourse.

Yours sincerely, the LS-RP team.

What's crackin', Los Santos?

So far, the feature lockdown has resulted in a seemingly complete elimination of the common "lag-spikes" and greatly improved the performance of our game server, thanks to the hard work of our
lead developers. It has also allowed us developers to focus on our current code to make it as efficient as possible and resolve any reported bugs and expoits.

While the Suggestions section of ... [Read more]
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This new section of the forums is for you all to read about LS-RP's staff and get an idea of what they are like(Also so we can prove we are human). Enjoy the new section and make a post yourself if you want. Just make sure you follow the following two rules.

* Do not post staff complaints here
* All post ... [Read more]
Hello LS-RP, I have some great news for all of you. Firstly, Tester applications have been re-opened, which means for all of you who wish to help out the community further, or progress in LS-RP. Then now is your chance!!.


Tips for those applying:

- Effort – This is important for your success, put plenty of effort and you will go far.
- Past work – This is not key, but will show us your capa ...
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What’s up, LS-RP? Well, it’s been over two months now since the last topic regarding LS-RP’s richest players was posted and I’m sure most of you are keen to find out who stands where at this moment in time. The list I’ve collated is just a little longer than the one which Cecil posted a couple months back. Note: I’ve shown people as their forum names instead of their in-game names for their own privacy.

Aline - $2,960,000,000+
Zharov - $940,000,000
insomnia - $303,000,000
Levine - $269,000,000+
Santino_Valenti - $268,000,000
Jaxson - $157,000,00 ...
[Read more]
Hello everyone, I have some good news for you all. Recently most of the level 1 admins have been promoted to level 2 admins! We'd like to congratulate them once again for this promotion. Perhaps this will open up new spots for (reserved)testers or even level one admins? Who knows! You might just find out. The exact list of admins that got a promotion is as follows:

Decker - Joseph_Vittorini
Estone - Desmond_Lucas
Late - Rafu_Nakato ...
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