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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Seems like people from certain countries have trouble with the UCP and the forums today. This is not anyone attacking LS-RP for once, but seems to be a routing issue with our server provider. I have no official word from them, but hopefully they're working on it.

The server running the forums and the UCP is currently unreachable for unknown reasons, but I suspect it is another DDoS attack.

I have contacted our server provider, and will hopefully get an answer as soon as possible.

Temporary UCP up at
Donator features have been disabled due to IP restrictions at PayPal and DaoPay, and we don't expect our web server offline for long.

Edit Nov 13 2009, 14:30
I've regained control to the server, forums and UCP will be up momentarily. ... [Read more]
Well I thought I'd inform you of the few updates coming to the server in the next few days. If you've been keeping up with the bug tracker- here; you'd notice that the testers and I have cleared out quite a few pages of bugs.

The notorious weapon ammo loss bug from 0.2 is still present but it is slowly but steadily getting better. At this point it's quite near gone, but for a safety pre-caution remember to check your ammo in /stats before logging off. If abnormal just scroll to it and pause, shoot onc ... [Read more]
October 18. was a crazy day for our poor testers.

The number of applications submitted the last 24 hours is the second highest ever at LS-RP. Last time we had numbers like this was when we first released the UCP back in November 2007, with 462 applications.

*Mow hands the testers a cookie for their great work!

And in other news:

[Read more]
Quote from sa-mp.com:

SA-MP 0.3a is released! As usual, the new update is available on the Download Page.

This is the first major SA-MP update since SA-MP 0.2 and there are more features and fixes than can be listed on this page.

Here is a short summary of some of the new features in SA-MP 0.3a:

- Up to 500 players per server and up to 2000 vehicles.
- New mouse driven scoreboard, chat and other UIs.
- Visible vehicle damage and vehicle repairing.
- NPC bots that can drive trains, planes and more.
- Completely server controlled game pl ...
[Read more]
Download client: [sa-mp-0.3-RC10-3_beta_client.exe]

Quote from http://forum.sa-mp.com/index.php?topic=119892.0:
RC10-3 Client Update
- Fixed an issue with trailer sync if the cab was carrying a passenger who paused.

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